Pure Water


Pure water is nothing but H2O……

This is not as simple as it sounds, this means it has  ZERO impurities in it!

Let’s put this in perspective shall we

Normal bottled water is pretty pure right…… Yes and No 

Yes on a drinking level 

No on a cleaning front

So as stated Pure Water has zero impurities in it. This means it has a zero TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) Zero parts per million.

Normal bottled water has a TDS of 100 or less this means that out of a million parts 100 of them contain stuff like calcium, Magnesium, Potassium as well as an array of other minerals these are all necessary when it comes to drinking water but are a real hindrance when it comes to cleaning as it means the water will leave residue marks on smooth surfaces such as glass and plastic.


So why clean with pure water……. Simple Pure water is a natural slovent that will not contaminate or harm the environment as well as being a great cleaning product.

BeCleanSolar guarantees that its pure water TDS content is never above 5 parts per million as the water is checked during every fill of the tank and before the first clean of every day.

BeCleanSolar usea DI Resin and RO filter system to purify our water, this is known as a Reverse Osmosis System.

Pure water used in Solar Panel Cleaning